Hacker-Pschorr is a well-known brand that represents the very best about Bavaria. The name stands for the authentic, the real, what makes Bavaria a great place to live and a place to love. A typical Bavarian pleasure that steadfastly resisted all “dilutions” over the centuries, and is so successful for this reason. 

Palux has been an important manufacturer of high-quality kitchens for over 50 years, providing professional catering equipment to businesses in the hospitality sector, no matter what their size. As a consequence of your experience as a complete supplier, you know that only well thought through concepts can guarantee your customer long-term success. 

© 2018 Hotel Restaurant Saschas Kachelofen

Kirchstraße 3
87561 Oberstdorf
Fax +49 8322 8 01 23

Hotel, Restaurant Saschas Kachelofen, a cosy hotel and restaurant with a friendly and familiar atmosphere right in the heart of Oberstdorf in the Bavarian Oberallgäu region.



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